Under maintenance.

     Dark Mystic Falls will be under maintenance until further notice. There is no set date for when it will be reopened, as we are completely renovating the website, so please keep an eye out for when we re-open, and when we do, please re-read our rules and plot, particularly the plot, as it will have changed.
     If you're also on our other website, Rosecreek Hallow, please note that we will also be transferring that website from the Yooco software to the Oxwall software as well, so that we can re-launch both websites at the same time as sister sites. However, if you're on RH, then don't worry, the Yooco link will still be active, so you can still roleplay there until we open the new link on Oxwall.
     Know that, once re-opened, if you're intending on remaining a part of DMF, you'll have to re-register because we have deleted all accounts and won't be accepting new members until after the re-opening. If you know you won't be very active, then please don't bother yourself with joining, as people most often get deleted due to inactivity.

Thank you,
-The Staff of Dark Mystic Falls